Judges’ Top Tips

Ian McBeth

  1. Originality – Using new technologies in a way that makes a large difference within the organisations that they are deployed in.
  2. Versatility – Using existing technologies in new and exciting ways that again make large differences.
  3. Responsibility – Deploying technologies in ways that are mindful of the environmental and social challenges we have in the world today


I look for innovation, self-awareness and creativity. Did you think/go outside the box or was the strategy/outcome proportional/extraordinary?

John Jones, Beever and Struthers

  1. Answer the question – we’re allocating marks comparing your response to other entries so make sure your answer covers the question raised
  2. Differentiate yourself – we’re comparing you against many others – make it clear why you’re different and better
  3. Tell a story – make your response come alive with examples/anecdotes/comments 

Paul Smith, rnli

  1. Brevity/ clarity in submission entry
  2. Clear traceability to outcomes/a difference made
  3. Potential to make a difference more broadly:
    • For inclusion and diversity within technology
    • To broader industry/ thinking or
    • For further potential applications of the solution in other use cases/ for good elsewhere

Phil Hobden, Capitalise

  1. Technology that solves a unique problem 
  2. Technology that’s accessible and intuitive to use 
  3. Technology that can be easily implemented