Why Enter

The UK Business Tech Awards reward, recognise and celebrate technology in business across the England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. No matter how big or small you are if you are demonstrating technological innovation that is changing lives and business then this award is industry expert’s testimony of your excellence.

There are benefits to entering, being shortlisted and winning.


  • Opportunity to assess a project through the award assessment process.
  • Review what you may do differently next time.
  • Clarity on challenges that were overcome so they can be avoided in future projects.
  • Marketing opportunities and community building as you and your customers wait the shortlist announcements.
  • Team building exercise and celebration of innovative work well executed.


  • Further marketing opportunities!
  • Shortlist accolade to be used for social media and web promotion.
  • Industry recognition for your business and team on the night and for the year via the award’s website and social media.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Team reward and recognition.


  • Award winners, win business!
  • Your business in the spotlight for 2023.
  • Award winners attract new talent which leads to potential growth.
  • Winners accolade and badge of honour for even more marketing opportunities post event.
  • Industry recognition and expert social proof.
  • Ultimate celebration of your brand, team and brilliance.

Don’t believe us? Ask our Winners.

Previous Winners & Finalists

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