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7Learnings are proud to be finalists at this years UK Business Tech Awards

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Published Date 19.07.2023

With the advent of machine learning, we are witnessing a progression from the automation of tasks to the automation of decisions. One area in particular that is ripe for disruption is pricing, which has traditionally been managed by a rigid, rule-based system; 7Learnings is here to fix that.

7Learnings helps retailers optimise their pricing with our predictive pricing software. Our solution uses advanced machine learning models to forecast demand for different price points with high accuracy. We offer the most intuitive way to steer prices. Our prices simply maximize the business goals set by our clients. With this approach, we have already helped numerous clients to achieve, on average, a +10% profit uplift.

“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the prestigious SaaS Company of the Year award at the UK Tech Business Awards, which serves as a validation of our hard work and dedication to transforming the way businesses handle their pricing strategy. To be nominated amongst such esteemed industry peers is an incredible honour for us.”

Ruta Donovan, VP of Marketing and Growth, 7Learnings

About 7Learnings

7Learnings was founded in 2019 by Felix Hoffmann, Eiko van Hettinga, and Martin Nowak, who met during their time studying at Freie Universität Berlin. Before founding 7Learnings, Felix was in charge of Zalando’s global pricing algorithm. There, he gained first-hand expertise in the power of machine learning technology for pricing. With this experience as its foundation, the 7Learnings team has developed a next-generation pricing solution built on the most advanced machine learning technology.

Today, the company employs a team of over 30 people from a diverse range of backgrounds. After raising more than €4 Million from Ventech (lead investor), HTGF, and Celonis managers in 2022, we have set our sights on further developing our predictive pricing solution as well as expanding throughout Europe and other locations.

Our work

Our predictive pricing software provides retailers with the easiest and most intuitive way to steer prices and achieve their business goals. It operates on a simple principle: forecast the effect of price changes with our machine learning technology, then optimise prices to achieve the desired results.

Data cleaning & collection

First, we gather all the data relevant for the price optimization.

Deep learning-powered profit and revenue forecasting

Then, our software uses cutting-edge machine learning models to identify drivers of demand and price elasticity.

Price optimizations tailored to your needs

Profit and revenues are forecasted for all relevant price points, which can then be used to optimise strategy.

Goal-driven price steering

To optimise pricing, simply set your revenue or profit target and optimum prices are delivered in minutes.

Cross-marketing optimisation

7Learnings’ innovative technology doesn’t stop at price optimization – it can also optimise coupons and SEA spending for you.

What this means for us

The team at 7Learnings feels tremendously honoured to be shortlisted for the SaaS Company of the Year award at the UK Tech Business Awards. This nomination serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, and is a strong recognition of the capabilities of our solution and how it is revolutionising pricing strategies across various industries.

As a relatively young company, being shortlisted for this award by such esteemed industry experts is a great boost to our confidence and further solidifies our belief in the transformative capabilities of predictive pricing. It highlights the value we bring to our clients by empowering them to make data-driven pricing decisions that enhance their competitiveness and drive sustainable growth.

Entering the competition and subsequently being shortlisted has also been a valuable opportunity for us to showcase our achievements so far. Additionally, we appreciate the opportunity to learn from and network with other industry leaders. It’s an exciting platform to exchange ideas and gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in the technology and pricing space.

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