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Flame Lily Healthcare Introduces CheckUp Health to Tackle Appointment Access, Health Inequalities, and Missed Appointments in Primary Care

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Published Date 17.07.2023

The Flame Lily Healthcare Limited, founded by Fungai Ndemera in 2009, is a pioneering company with a core mission to revolutionise healthcare delivery by providing exceptional, innovative, and compassionate services to users in the community. Their flagship product, CheckUp Health, was introduced in 2020 as a response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This groundbreaking solution aimed to support the NHS in managing chronic diseases, with a focus on reducing mortality rates among black individuals compared to their white counterparts. CheckUp Health leverages technology and data-driven insights to empower patients and healthcare professionals in effectively managing chronic conditions and improving health outcomes.

Commitment to Excellence

The Flame Lily Healthcare Limited and the CheckUp Platform have garnered recognition for their unwavering commitment to excellence. The experienced team of professionals at CheckUp Health remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation, constantly seeking new ways to improve and refine their services. This dedication has earned the trust of clients and partners, as the company consistently delivers outstanding healthcare solutions.

Addressing Healthcare Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic placed additional pressure on an already strained healthcare system. The surge in demand for healthcare services, coupled with the need for social distancing, led to a rapid shift towards digital health and increased waiting lists for appointments. The issue of missed appointments, which had long plagued the NHS, was further exacerbated. The CheckUp Health technology offers a range of solutions to these challenges.

By providing patients with flexibility to access appointments at their convenience and in their preferred language, CheckUp Health improves access to primary healthcare services and reduces waiting times.

 Leveraging AI-driven triage systems, it accurately predicts no-shows, optimizing resource allocation for improved patient care and minimizing revenue loss caused by the staggering annual total of over 15 million missed GP appointments, which amounts to approximately 1 in 20 appointments, costing the NHS a remarkable £216 million.

Additionally, CheckUp Health offers remote monitoring and efficient management of long-term conditions. This empowers patients to take control of their health and reduces the need for frequent face-to-face appointments. With the incorporation of behavioral science and linguistic analysis, messaging and appointment reminders are tailored to the needs of diverse populations, promoting attendance and improving health outcomes.

Equitable Access and Cultural Competence

The team at CheckUp Health is committed to providing equitable access and optimised healthcare experiences for all, regardless of language or cultural barriers. They are continually expanding their language options and currently offer services in six languages, with a goal of reaching 20 by the end of Q3. Their solution is designed to transform healthcare delivery, helping patients and clinicians use their time and capacity appropriately while building a more sustainable healthcare system for the future.

Recent Achievements

One notable recent achievement of CheckUp Health is its involvement in an Innovate UK-funded project. During the trial, 545 patients from different UK locations used the CheckUp app and remote monitoring equipment to self-monitor their symptoms related to high blood pressure (HBP) and type 2 diabetes (T2D). The trial demonstrated a reduction in the number of GP appointments required by 60% for monitored BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) HBP/T2D patients, resulting in estimated savings of £90 per patient. This not only saves costs but also reduces the exposure of BAME HBP/T2D sufferers to the risks associated with COVID-19.

What Sets CheckUp Health Apart

CheckUp Health stands out among other healthcare solutions due to its unique combination of factors that give it a competitive edge. It is the youngest small business-owned digital healthcare solution developed in the West Midlands, created by a team with extensive experience in healthcare management, leadership, clinical practice, software engineering, and project delivery. This diverse expertise ensures a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape and the technical aspects necessary for success.

Furthermore, CheckUp Health is the only culturally competent and multilingual NHS Digital-approved software in the UK. Its approval for adoption in the NHS through prestigious frameworks such as the Digital First Online Consultation and Video Consultation Framework and Primary Healthcare Digital Transformation through Tech Innovation Framework demonstrates its innovative approach and alignment with the NHS’s vision.

CheckUp Health’s achievement of certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, NHS Digital approval and ORCHA certification further validate its commitment to data security, quality management, regulatory compliance, and adherence to industry standards.


The success of CheckUp Health can be attributed to its dedication to excellence, innovative solutions, and commitment to equitable access to healthcare services. The company’s achievements, including its involvement in the Innovate UK-funded project, NHS approval, cultural competence, flexible functionality, quality milestones, and notable support, make it a standout and award-worthy entry in the digital healthcare space. CheckUp Health’s ability to address healthcare challenges, provide efficient solutions, and contribute to the improvement of patient care and resource utilisation position it as a unique and competitive digital healthcare solution.

Choose CheckUp Health for a complete digital solution that delivers improved health outcomes, reduced costs, and a more equitable healthcare system for all.

Being recognised by the UK-Business Tech Awards for our work is a humbling experience. We are thrilled to be among the shortlisted nominees for the TECH COMPANY OF THE YEAR – SMALL category.


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