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How helps brands and publishers navigate the partnership economy

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Published Date 14.08.2023

Being recognised in the upcoming UK Business Tech Awards is a real honour for us. Partnerships marketing has experienced major growth in recent years, especially creator partnerships, and we know that brands that use technology to manage those partnerships are reaping the rewards. In fact, our own research shows that those brands are enjoying a 29% revenue growth. That’s why partnership management platforms like are so important.

As Owen Hancock, RVP, Marketing at says, “Being shortlisted for the SaaS company of the Year is an achievement for the whole team here at, as it is a testament to the work we’ve put into making our mark in the industry. Not only the R&D we’ve invested in our product, and the innovation that we’ve subsequently brought to our platform, but also being present in the industry through events, training, industry research and more.”

So who is

We are a partnership management platform on a mission to help marketers and publishers effectively manage a range of partnerships including creators, affiliates, B2B partnerships, content commerce and more.  

Recently, we have experienced significant growth, boasting a turnover of $100 million in ARR, a valuation of $1.5 billion, over 1,200 employees, and over 500 new clients (plus 67 agency partners) in 2022 alone. 

Additionally, around 1,000 customers use’s tracking integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, Segment, and Branch. In total, around 2,500 brands and publishers are leveraging the platform, with new clients in the UK including Tesco, Lovehoney, John Lewis and ZeroWater joining existing brands such as TUI, Vivino, and Skyscanner.

And what makes so successful?

For us, the key is the balance between continual innovation and creative deployment of powerful technology. 

In just a few clicks, our customers are able to forge the right partnerships with a growing community of highly valuable and diverse partners. Once they’ve established these partnerships, they can leverage granular insights to further strengthen relationships, and ultimately, optimise the impact of each and every partnership. 

Because of the sophistication of the platform, customers can automate and streamline their workflow for more effective partnership management, so they can focus their efforts on keeping partners happy. 

Beyond the technology, we’re also proud to provide a number of resources to the industry, including the annual Partnerships Experience (iPX) live conference. This brings together everyone in the partnership economy to discover, network, and exchange ideas for business growth through keynotes, break-out sessions and much more.

We’re also known for our Partnerships Experience Academy, which offers a range of industry resources from beginner courses to in-depth strategic guidance.

Three ways is innovating today

Our aim is to create a world where brands no longer have to juggle multiple platforms to manage their partnership programmes. We’ve built an all-in-one SaaS platform that takes the hassle out of partnership management, leaving brands with more time to focus on nurturing long-lasting partnerships that drive real growth. Here are three current innovations we are hugely proud of. 

  1. / creator
    Given the sizable creator landscape, marketers say that finding the right partners, and evaluating creators against their needs, are among their biggest challenges today. / creator is an influencer marketing platform designed to right that wrong. The platform allows advertisers to discover, create, manage and scale full-funnel influencer marketing programmes from a single interface.
    The result?  The new technology simplifies and improves the user experience for both brands and creators. / creator is about empowering partnerships, and over 100 features – from contracting to measurement – aid collaborations between partners at every stage of the consumer journey.  
  2. mobile app
    We are extremely excited to bring’s award-winning partnership management platform to iOS and Android mobile devices. The app allows publishers to forge new partnerships – and manage current ones – from the convenience of their smartphone. This provides the ability to do everything from analysing campaign performance and browsing curated storefronts for products that speak to their audience, to collaborating with the world’s top brands.
    The result? exists to make high-value, long-lasting partnerships possible by automating every stage of the customer journey and reducing friction at every stage of a relationship. Offering this experience on mobile devices is a recognition of the evolving partner dynamic, particularly our increased focus on creators, as well as the changing way we work.
  3. Brand safety
    As the partnership economy expands, it’s increasingly important to consider brand safety, and the places and spaces in which a business is promoted. We want to make sure campaigns run in a way that is consistent with a brand’s values and goals. New tools, features and products (such as Social and Media Monitoring) help to track how partners are promoting a brand, the quality of the traffic and the conversions they achieve.

The result? The result is full-stack protection for a business from a brand perspective. The various features ensure that partners are promoting the right content, in the appropriate places, at the right time. We’re just getting started on this subject, and regularly release new brand safety features to market. 

These three innovations play an important role in supporting our overarching goal of helping brands and advertisers effectively manage their partnerships, and we do this via our bespoke SaaS platform. With the partner management industry growing at such a rate, we recognised there was a distinct lack of tools for brands to address spending redundancy across channels. But also, teams were relying too heavily on manual, human-led processes, resulting in inefficiency and overspending. 

Rising to the challenge, we created a SaaS solution that worked not only for affiliates, but also the growing number of brands seeking partnership management. Today, customers can use one integrated tool to boost partnership performance, and ultimately, ROI. In fact, offers more widely applicable SaaS automation tools than any other platform available, for stronger, longer-lasting partnerships.

And we won’t stop there. We’re constantly carrying out research among our brand and publisher customers – and optimising our platform – to meet the evolving needs of the partnership management industry in 2023 and beyond. Watch this space!

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