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Netacea Shortlisted for Cyber Security Company of the Year in UK Business Tech Awards 2023

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Published Date 07.07.2023

We are delighted and honoured that Netacea has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s UK Business Tech Awards for Cyber Security Company of the Year.

Founded in 2018 as a sister company to acclaimed Manchester tech consultancy Intechnica, but now standing firmly as its own established entity, Netacea’s goal remains the same as ever – to take a bold new approach in protecting businesses from malicious automated threats attacking websites, applications and APIs.

The better way to beat bad bots

Bots are responsible for a multitude of attacks across the web, many of which grew in notoriety over the pandemic, such as scalping, web scraping, credential stuffing and credit card fraud. Netacea has challenged the status quo of established bot management tools to develop an innovative defence against bots, leveraging data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect, adapt and react instantly with extreme accuracy.

Using Intent Analytics® and an array of patented machine learning models and approaches, Netacea uniquely captures every single web request across websites, applications and APIs for each customer, analyses visitor behaviour to group malicious activity together, and reacts accordingly in an instant. Intent Analytics can even adapt to attacks as they inevitably change and evolve.

As well as cutting-edge AI and web detection response technology, Netacea also leverages detailed threat research and intelligence operations to stay ahead of emerging attacks. Access to hidden criminal forums and communities gives our researchers the edge over adversaries targeting our customers, enabling us to tune our defences and maximise efficacy.

Netacea’s proficiency has been recognized by investors and analysts alike, raising £9m in Series A funding last year whilst achieving the highest possible score for bot detection and threat research in the Forrester Wave for Bot Management 2022. We also collected the award for Cyber Security Company of the Year in the Global Business Tech Awards 2022.

Saving businesses millions by stopping bots others can’t

Part of Netacea’s growth in recent years has included expanding into the competitive US market. Here we’ve impressed customers such as a big box American retailer with online revenues exceeding $15 billion, whose APIs were being inundated with automated scraping attacks, fueling scalpers and risking outages across their infrastructure. Netacea quickly solved their problem, blocking over 10 billion bad requests a day and reducing overall API requests by 84%.

As well as branching out to the US and beyond, we also protect the streaming accounts for most of the UK adult population, saving one of the nation’s top three telecom providers £1m in fraud costs in the process. We also keep bots out of one of Europe’s biggest loyalty point schemes, protecting over 20 million members from losing access to their rewards balances.

What it means to be shortlisted by UK Business Tech Awards

“I’m delighted that Netacea has been shortlisted for Cyber Security Company of the Year,” said Jeremy Gidlow, CEO & co-founder of Netacea. “I’m especially pleased that it gives more recognition to the extremely talented and hard-working teams at Netacea who have made all our success possible over the last five years.”

We look forward to the announcement of the winners of the UK Business Tech Awards in October and wish the best of luck to all those shortlisted!

Find out more about Netacea here: Netacea Bot Management

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