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Netmind.Ai shares how proud they are to be finalists for the UK Business Tech Awards

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Published Date 12.07.2023

We are proud and delighted that Netmind.AI, has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious UK Business Tech Awards. This recognition validates our relentless commitment to innovation and highlights our distinctive approach to designing and implementing high-performing AI solutions.

Founded in 2021, NetMind.AI is a rising AI solutions provider with robust teams of enthusiastic engineers, researchers, and experienced experts in the industry. With its headquarter based in London, it is one of the fast-growing AI-focused companies in the country. Some of the areas that NetMind specializes in include: LLM (Large Language Models), AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), model fine-tuning, long-term memory, etc. At NetMind, we aim to push forward the liberation of affordable AI technologies and constantly innovate for the better. It is one of our major goals that AI should be for the people and for the betterment of humanity. We work towards developing AI products that would have a positive impact on society in an ethical way, whilst keeping the end user’s interest at heart.

Unlike some other firms that are mere users of AI technology, NetMind goes a step further: many of our team members are research scientists and engineers with years of experience in the field, and they are the ones creating the models behind our products. With a strong research foundation, NetMind stands on the frontline of the AI research area and tackles some of the most urgent questions. Our cutting-edge technology and research capability are always at the core of the company, differentiating us from anyone else.

One of our major products is NetMind Power, which would be an open-source platform that serves all users who are interested in working on AI technologies. NetMind Power aims to build an advanced massively distributed platform where computing resources can be shared and access to exceptionally large-scale networks is open to users. Individuals and enterprises can utilize resources to train and develop deep learning models and build AI applications. At the same time, it is also the home to a growing AI research community, making large model research available to all.

Additionally, users can contribute their unused computing resources to a vast platform where they can collaborate, train, develop deep learning models, and build AI applications. NetMind Power distributes relevant tasks intelligently to each resource module and rewards contributors with digital credits or currency. Eventually, it boils down to a decentralized reward system issued based on computing power and model contributions in order to create a more dynamic environment.

Another product is aimed at serving individuals and enterprises that are eager to put AI models into practice: NetMind Avagi, an advanced version of NetMind Chat that encompasses moving avatars. Avagi is our current chatbot that is structured by LLMs. Using our chatbot algorithm, customers can design their own Chatbot using the data they want to deliver. From intelligent automation of routine tasks to predictive analytics that anticipates user needs, our AI solution is designed to help customers stay ahead of the competition.

With our Chatbot, users can easily customize the customer service journey, automate routine tasks, and enhance business processes. They would no longer need to be stressed and overwhelmed by managing customer support requests manually. With our chatbot, one can automate routine tasks and streamline support operations, freeing up time and resources for more pressing business needs.

Also, Avatagi goes one step further and utilizes even more robust models behind the scene. It is a digital entity, tailored to any appearance one prefers, equipped with knowledge one finds fascinating, possesses capacities one admires, or engages in specific relationships that intrigue users. With mixed LLMs and long-term memories, the AI is able to work similarly to that of humans: with motivation and a sense of workflow. In the future, there would be even more complicated and smart functionalities like the automatic video completion function: Avagi can intelligently generate and seamlessly connect video segments, producing real-time animated conversations. This creates an immersive conversational experience for users. At the same time, the ability to show real-time responses and emotional feedback is on the way. With camera functionality, Avagi captures and recognizes users’ facial expressions during conversations. This input influences Avatagi’s responses, taking into account the user’s emotions.

NetMind also has a couple of other products that are undergoing development, like NetMind Life and NetMind Studio. NetMind Life will be the next available product after the official launch of NetMind Avagi, which is going to be a one-solution AI assistant that helps with a healthier lifestyle. It would be a personal chatbot companion for mental and physical well-being. Whether one’s looking to learn about healthy aging, make positive lifestyle changes or just need someone to talk to, it’ll be there 24/7.

For our team, this nomination is much more than just an accolade; it is a testament to the countless hours of hard work, dedication, and resilience in the face of challenges. It is also a clear reflection of our team’s passion and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI technology. Every member of the Netmind.AI team has played a vital role in this achievement, and we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your dedication and expertise.

This recognition also belongs to our clients and partners, who have placed their trust in us and our technology. Your faith in our capabilities has been instrumental in driving us forward. It has challenged us to outdo ourselves, constantly refining our processes and offering, to ensure that we deliver solutions that truly transform our customers’ business.

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