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Zaptic have been shortlisted for the UK Business Tech Awards

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Published Date 19.08.2022

Zaptic is a connected worker platform providing job instruction and collaboration for frontline teams, and a no-code toolkit designed to accelerate digital transformation of daily operations.

Using Zaptic, global manufacturing and service organisations are closing an industry 4.0 blindspot by moving daily operations out of spreadsheets, paper and tribal knowledge. By doing so, they not only unlock measurable improvements in productivity, quality and safety, but also enable a smooth transfer of knowledge between the retiring and new generation of workers to improve market resiliency.

Zaptic has successfully implemented connected worker software worldwide, with multiple high-profile partners including but not limited to: Carlsberg, Danone, General Mills, Premier Foods, Solenis, Celgard and Berry Global. Through these partnerships, we have introduced numerous key feature updates guided by our customers thanks to the mutually beneficial collaboration and have developed an extensive product roadmap to ensure that the platform continues to improve and continuously add value to the shop floor.

Our software has supported a variety of manufacturers in gaining a commercial advantage by driving employee engagement, capability and supporting the achievement of superior business results. By building capability in the system, plant/site managers have self-authored complex work processes and driven out losses & inefficiencies across their sites, ultimately resulting in optimised Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0.

Despite operating within an industry that is highly competitive and composed of conglomerate tech organisations as competitors, Zaptic has managed to establish itself as a leader within the connected worker landscape, even reaching the recognition of Gartner as an influential player within the software’s conception and development for the past 3 years. Zaptic is immensely proud to be competing with such prestigious organisations on a global scale, all whilst maintaining its start-up culture and identity, alongside being proud of its Manchester roots.

Zaptic is quickly establishing itself as one of the most innovative and intuitive connected worker platforms in the market. Using a no-code toolkit, the platform is designed to provide manufacturers a simple, easy-to-implement solution to daily management processes for their frontline teams with no support from IT or knowledge of coding needed.

Zaptic CEO and Founder, Richard Milnes, has also been shortlisted for a number of categories within this prestigious event. Starting Zaptic as his first job at the age of 21 after dropping out of university, Richard has entered an incredibly competitive market that targets companies with multi-millions to billions of revenue per annum. Competing against large conglomerates, Richard has still successfully established himself and his company as a leader in the connected worker industry on a global scale. Passionate about people, Richard has created a people-first culture in Zaptic. Embodying the core company values of Transparency, Autonomy, Continuous Improvement, Simplicity and Efficiency, in all that he does.

To be shortlisted for the UK Business Tech Awards 2022 is a huge testament to the hard work and dedication shown from our amazing team every single day. We are incredibly proud of the progression and growth of the business over the last five years and nominations like this help to cement our role within the industry as one of the leading platforms in the market!

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